Rocky RD Ice Cream Co. is a Mom & Pop Shop, created by owners Paul and Erin Cummo.

Posted by SedonaCentric on Thursday, August 24, 2017

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Handcrafted Small Batch

Ice Cream & Sorbet 

Rocky RD Ice Cream Co. Our Story
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Sweeeeeet! Sedona Monthly names the nine best desserts in Northern AZ

Sweeeeeet! Sedona Monthly names the nine best desserts in Northern AZ

Here's The Scoop

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​​We were both born in December 1972, grew up on Long Island and met at work in 1991 during college. We lived in Sedona for 2 years beginning in August 1997, and loved everything about it, the beauty, the weather, the small town. We were back in New York in 1999, married in 2002, and welcomed our son Ryan in 2003 and daughter Paige in 2005.

Ten years later, we knew that we wanted to return to Sedona and pursue our dream of owning our own ice cream shop.  Paul learned everything about making ice cream, attended classes, compiled recipes, and started making batches at home.  In July 2016 after everything was planned out, we resigned from our careers, sold our house, packed up the kids, the pets, and everything else to move across the country and start our own business.


We chose the name Rocky RD Ice Cream Co, for a couple of reasons. The popular ice cream flavor of course, but also to stay true to Sedona and it's many wonderful rocky roads leading to all sorts of adventure. Erin designed our logo to look like a street sign, and the shop sign was manufactured as one. Our shop has a "Road Trip" theme, as it ties into not only our name, but also the whole Northern Arizona experience. Erin drew up all the construction plans for the shop, and designed it to hint at an old fashioned ice cream parlor with touches like antique mirrors and stained glass.  The marble countertop is just one of the things in the shop that we made ourselves.

Paul has a passion for creating gourmet ice cream and prides himself on using the freshest ingredients, sourced locally when possible, without added preservatives or colorings. Each gourmet artisanal flavor is made in small batches and flash frozen which guarantees it’s freshness and makes for the creamiest frozen desserts, homemade right here in the Village of Oak Creek. He is excited to create new seasonal flavors and is always experimenting with new tastes for everyone to enjoy. Paul is in our shop daily making the freshest ice cream around, offering samples and welcoming our guests.  
Rocky RD Ice Cream Co. opened on

May 7, 2017.

...To continue our story... We have been fortunate enough to open a second location! In September 2020 we opened our second spot at Harkins Plaza in West Sedona. This location is larger than the original with a big kitchen, perfect for Paul to make lots of ice cream. We are confident that the community will love everything we have to offer.